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Sparkle Skirts

Product Type: Apparel

I began running in order to run in the inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon in 2012. I remember seeing women crowding into the Sparkle Skirts booth.

My old ipod fit with loads of room to spare.

My old ipod fit with loads of room to spare.

“Wow, running in a skirt? Brave women!” I thought. Of course, now I know the Sparkle Skirt secret – built-in running shorts! There are compression shorts built into the skirts with large pockets on the outside of each thigh and another pocket sewn into the waist band. Ask any Sparkle Skirt aficionado, and they won’t hesitate to flip their hemlines up to show them off. No, seriously this is actually a thing I’ve seen Sparkle runners do on several occasions. I can neither confirm not deny that I may have done it, too.

The most commonly repeated selling points I heard from other runners are that the skirts are comfortable, have large hidden pockets to carry things like car keys, and that the shorts don’t ride up. Hmm, obviously they underestimate my thighs.

Price Range: The biggest factor holding me back was the price. Basic Sparkle Skirts run usually $65-70 with Fancy Sparkle Skirts run $70-80. The company does make Sparkle Lite skirts without the built-in compression shorts for around $30, but I was determined to try out the real deal.

Overall: I bought a glittery green skirt with green compression shorts sewn into it, and took it for an eight mile run. Here are my experiences:

  • The shorts didn’t ride up, not even a little.

    My old ipod again for size comparison.

    My old ipod again for size comparison.

  • The material is breathable but not absorbent. I had a minor sweat issue.
  • The swing of the skirt made me feel a bit more playful and energetic.
  • My large cell phone (Galaxy 5S in a protective case) did not noticeably move in one of the thigh pockets.
  • My stick of lip balm did shift a little in the waist pocket.
  • My car keys shifted a little as I ran, but it wasn’t enough to annoy me.
  • I stayed cooler than when I run in my usual capris.
  • Other runners will give you a thumbs up or flat out tell you that your skirt is cute.

I was so comfortable, I wore it at the next Tinker Bell I ran. Although I was hesitant to shell out that much money for a running skirt, I don’t regret this purchase at all. In fact, I went online and bought a few more.

Dumbo Double Dare and the Batmobile

Dumbo Double Dare and the Batmobile

Aside from the sweat issue in a few places, the skirt was really comfortable. I’d even wear it casually in warm weather. I’ve spoken to runners in cold weather areas that just layer long tights on under their skirts. That won’t come up for me in Southern California, but I can imagine how several of the styles could be adorable with tights.

 Would I recommend Sparkle Skirts to the other ladies in my running group? You bet!

Comfy and rocking the sparkle!

Comfy and rocking the sparkle!

Where can I get one? Do you want your own Sparkle Skirt? Go to http://sparkleskirts.com/

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