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RunDisney New Balance Shoes

New Balance partnered with Run Disney in 2013 to begin offering Disney-branded running shoes to be sold exclusively at the expos. At the 2014 Tinker Bell, I was lucky enough to buy a pair of New Balance’s Cinderella 890 v4. I say lucky because buying the limited edition RunDisney New Balance shoes isn’t straight forward. You’ll need to register in advance for their queue. Yep, you need to register online before the expo in order to buy shoes. Then, you’ll need to wait for your appointment time. Finally, you’ll wait in the line with others from your appointment time group for your fitting and chance to try on the shoes. I’ve run in New Balance shoes since taking up the sport, so I already knew my size.

Description: The shoes are gorgeous! The shoes come laced with plain yellow laces. As a bonus, a package of light blue satin ribbon laces are included in the box. They look adorable, but they ran a bit short. I wore them all day and had no issues with keeping them tied, but I wouldn’t trust them to a distance race. I re-lace them for serious running.

The blue fades from dark at the heel to light at the toe. Mixed in with the blue are sparkly silver stars. Cinderella herself makes an appearance on the heels. Her iconic glass slippers appear over your toes and on the yellow lining. Lifting the tongue of the shoes reveals an enchanted carriage. The inner linings are decorated with the New Balance logo and RunDisney logo. If you angle your head to see into your shoes, you’ll see an outline of the Disney castle.

Performance: I wore these shoes to train for the 2015 Princess Half Marathon Weekend of races. I wore them for the Frozen 5K, Enchanted 10K, and the Princess Half Marathon itself. I’m accustomed to running in New Balance’s 990 and 993 series which have considerable padding for my heavy foot strikes. I found these shoes lighter, but my feet ached after 22.4 miles. I run like a Clydesdale. If you have a lighter foot strike, I don’t imagine that would be a problem for you.

The 860 line are stability shoes. New Balance really knows their shoe design; the shoes lack weight but not comfort. The best part of any New Balance shoe for me is the width and room in the toe box. For runners with wide feet, they’re heaven. Do you get a lot of blisters from long runs? Try New Balance shoes. Your feet may be swelling as you run. New Balance packs extra room, which translates to blister-free running.

Overall: I’m not sorry I bought them, but they won’t be my full time running shoes after PHM. They would need more padding for that. I plan to wear them for their sparkly adorableness until they fall apart. Are they worth buying? Well, how much do you value cute? If the 860 v4 line isn’t your running shoe, you’re really just buying them for the cute.

Where to buy them: These are very limited editions. You can’t buy them through New Balance’s web site. You’ll need to go to a Run Disney race expo in person or pay extra to buy them on eBay. The Cinderella edition New Balance shoes for adult women are currently priced at $125. Prices vary for men’s shoes and newer styles. Get the link to register for the purchasing queue by following New Balance and Run Disney on social media. They begin posting the link a few weeks in advance of the race.


One comment on “RunDisney New Balance Shoes

  1. Juliana @ 4 Well Rules
    March 7, 2015

    I feel the same way-I love them but cant go more than 6 miles in them (I wore them in the 10k race and they held up great). they are so cute so I do love training in them. I usually race in Skechers though-they are so lightweight and have great support

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