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Chic Buds Ear Phones

I go through a lot of ear phones. I lose them, drop them, or the constant jostling they get while I run knocks something loose in the speakers. I’m also really picky about the brands I try. It’s terribly annoying when one of your ear phones pops out while you run. I hate to constantly readjust how they’re sitting, especially during long runs.

At the 2015 Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend expo, I came across the booth for Chic Buds. They sell both ear phones and external batteries. This review is purely for their ear buds. The external battery I bought will be reviewed separately.

Chic Buds in the Kendra pattern.

Chic Buds in the Kendra pattern. Picture from the Chic Buds online store.

I bought a pair of Chic Buds Luv Buds in their Kendra pattern to match the external battery I chose. For $14.99, they were in the cheaper end of the price range. I would normally be extra suspicious of a product that cheap, but after months of use I prefer them to any other ear buds I own.

First of all, have you noticed that the cords are flat? They’re like linguine instead of spaghetti. I’ve seen several brands that claim to be tangle-resistant, but these earphones really are. The flat design makes it extremely difficult to get them tangled. The only downside is that I seem to catch them on the edges of counters or drawers. Let me tell ya, I’ll take that minor inconvenience over spending ages untangling cords any day of the week.

Next, the sales rep promised that the smaller design was made for women to use primarily. She said they’d be more comfortable and slip out of the ear canal less frequently. Yes to both! I previously used much more expensive Yurbuds while running. I had them fitted for me at another expo years ago. They were the most comfortable earphones I had until the Chic Buds. The Chic Buds never leave my ears sore, even after a long run. I almost never have to reach up to adjust them, and they’ve never fallen out of my ears.

My favorite feature is the speaker button. I have a family member who frequently calls me while I’m running. The Chic buds have a speaker on the cord with a flat button to answer a call, hang up, play music, or pause music. It can’t control the volume, but that’s a small sacrifice to make for a set of earbuds costing less than $15. Maybe they can come up with a more expensive version later. The single button they do have is genius. It’s the entire side of the microphone! You don’t have to fumble with it while running. Once your fingers are on the mic, you squeeze it. That’s it! You’ve pushed the button. I sincerely love that feature.

My Chic Buds after 3 1/2 months of use. That's not lens flare; that's where the pattern has begun to fade.

My Chic Buds after 3 1/2 months of use. That’s not lens flare; that’s where the pattern has begun to fade.

I haven’t yet discussed the gorgeous patterns. Those were a fun extra for me at first, and I’ve gotten several compliments on how cute the pattern is. The downside is that eventually the pattern does wear off. I noticed it was wearing off faster on the areas that came in contact with my skin. Wearing sunscreen or lotion seemed to accelerate the fading. Ah, well. All good things must come to an end. At least the speakers and microphone work as perfectly as they did months ago when it was new. I run about 10 miles per week on concrete plus I use the earphones while I do housework, and most cheap earbuds I’ve bought in the past would have given up by now. I guess I can live with a faded pattern.

Overall: I’m very happy with them. They were a great value, and I would buy more in the future. Even with the faded pattern, they’re my favorite earphones.

Where can I buy them? Click here for the Chic Buds online store.



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