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Collapsible Water Bottle

Front view

Front view

So, I was shopping in the official merchandise section of the 2015 Disneyland Half Marathon, and I came across a rack of collapsible water bottles. “What a neat gadget!” I thought.

Retailing for $14.95, is it worth your valuable time and money? Here’s my run down.

The bottle is essentially a flexible plastic pouch inside a line green sleeve that feels like it’s made from wet suit material. I’m guessing the sleeve is to provide insulation and protect the thin plastic pouch from punctures. A small carabiner clip is attached to the green sleeve. The overall design is similar to collapsible water bottles I’ve seen in camping stores.

I rinsed the bottle out several times before drinking from it. No matter how many times I flushed it out, there was still a faint plastic aftertaste. It was tolerable but mildly unpleasant. The spout was easy to drink from while walking, but the cap was dislodged too easily when I took it on the road. Any little bump will knock it loose. The drinking spout didn’t seem to leak, but I

Back view

Back view

wasn’t happy about constantly fumbling with the lid when I’m trying to focus on my footing and pace.

Also, the carabiner clip was to small to comfortably use as a handle. It’s obviously meant to attach onto clothing in some way, but my running shorts and skirts don’t have anything I could hook it to. I tried clipping it to my belt, but I found that it bounced way too much to be used that way.

Overall: Would I buy it again? Probably not. I won’t be using this on runs because my Nathan belt is much more comfortable to wear if I need to carry fluids. I will be using this when I take students on field trips. I usually wear day packs to carry field trips slips and emergency contact info, and I can easily clip the carabiner to a strap. For $14.95, I think you can pass on it. If you absolutely must have a collapsible water bottle, there are cheaper options in any outdoor or sports equipment store.


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