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Dooney & Bourke Satchel – Avenger’s Half Marathon

If you’ve been running the Run Disney races for any length of time, you’ve encountered them … the Dooney & Burke purses. Are they worth their price tag?

I’ve purchased Dooney & Burke purses at both the Tinker Bell Half Marathon and Marvel Avengers’ Half Marathon expos. This review is primarily of the satchel purses sold at the 2014 Inaugural Avengers’ expo.

T20141115_150717he first thing I noticed when I wore my purse right after purchasing it, was the attention a Disney Dooney gets, especially from Disnerds. Women I passed stopped to congratulate me on my purchase. That never happened when I carried a $30 bag from Target. It doesn’t just happen at the Disney
parks, either. This started happening everywhere I went. Because people are noticing you, you begin to notice other Dooney owners, too. It’s like you now belong to a special club.

Each of the purse styles came with the same fabric print. Please note, when the print seems really detailed on a Dooney, it’s probably fabric and not leather. To be honest, I prefer the feel of the leather. The fabric has been very sturdy. I don’t see any fraying, even after a year of nearly everyday use on the satchel. The lining is a vibrant shade of pink.20141115_150826

Each of the styles also has the adorable rainbow colored zipper. It’s eye catching!

How do you know it’s a limited edition Dooney? The tag tells you. Every Dooney has the standard tag, but the race bags have special text telling the world you bought this bag somewhere extra special. This becomes especially important when it’s an inaugural race. Those bags will be one of a kind. If you miss them at the expo, be prepared to spend up to double on eBay.

Love the interior!

Love the interior!

The satchel style purse gets the most use in my life. The interior is divided into three separate main compartments. The middle compartment has a zipper, and it fits my 7″ Kindle perfectly. The remaining two compartments are roomy and fit all my everyday junk. I carry too much stuff in my purse. I know I carry too much stuff in my purse. I never felt like I ran out of room to carry things with the satchel.

In addition to the main compartments, there are two small side pockets. I typically use the side pocket with no zipper for my cell phone and put my lip glosses and pens in the zippered one. There’s no shortage of space in this bag.

OverallWould I buy it again? Yep! Even though it was pricey, I wear this bag almost every day. It’s been one of the most comfortable and spacious bags I’ve ever owned. It’s worth the price as far as I’m concerned.

Price Range: Dooney & Burke wristlets go for around $98 usually. Their prices go up by size to $298 for back packs. The satchel size discussed here sells for $198 retail or $158.40 with a Premium Passholder discount.

Where do I buy them? These go on sale at the race expos. You might luck out and find an unsold purse in the parks either at Elias and Co. in Disney’s California Adventure or World of Disney in Downtown Disney. If you’re shopping on eBay, prepare to pay through the nose for it.


2 comments on “Dooney & Bourke Satchel – Avenger’s Half Marathon

  1. Just a Running Chick
    September 24, 2015

    I have one, but it’s too small! I finally broke down and got an Osprey Flapjill courier bag and I love it! Amazon has last year’s models for a low price sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Graziella H.
    October 5, 2015

    Those colors are fantastic, it goes with almost anything.

    Liked by 1 person

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