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Bib Boards Pinless Bib Fasteners

There are several options on the market for runners who want to avoid poking holes in and potentially tearing their favorite running gear. I tore my favorite Thor running shirt years ago in a race because I pinned my bib loosely and caught it with the strap on my wrist during an arm swing. Even though it was mendable, I was heartbroken that my favorite shirt was forever damaged. I’ve been in the market for another solution ever since.

I prefer not to run with a fuel belt in races, and I’ve heard negative things about the magnetic clips. So, I set out to test plastic snap together clips I bought at the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon expo.

The first thing I noticed out of the package was that the clips were actually difficult to pry apart. They snapped together so securely, I feared for the safety of my nails.

Once apart, they’re very easy to use. You line up the hole in your race bib for a safety pin with the post on the clip, position it on your clothing, and reach under the fabric with the other half of your clip. Once they’re snapped together, they don’t move at all.

They absolutely lived up to the sales pitch; I ran the entire course without the bib moving at all. I even had conversations with a few other runners at the finish line festival about the plastic clips versus the magnetic clips. The overall opinion was that the magnetic clips are almost always a disappointment since the magnets allow the bib to wander a bit over the course of the race where the plastic clips performed beautifully.

Overall: Highly recommended for runners and walkers who participate in races.

How much? I paid $5 for a set of 4 at the expo. Their site sells them for $7 per set with discounts for large purchases.

Where can I buy it? Bib Boards web site


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