Expo Fairy Godmother

Reviews of products sold at expos and more by an average runner. Make me your guinea pig!

About the Expo Fairy Godmother


Princess Half Marathon 2015 expo at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Florida

You walk onto the expo floor clutching your race bib and plastic gear bag. Maybe it’s your first big race. Maybe it’s just the first of the year.

The booths are lined up in colorful rows all the way to the far wall of the convention center. As you pass down the rows, the sale clerks call out to you, offering samples and demonstrations. So many of these things look good, but are they worth your money?

These are the same questions I had and continue to have as a runner. I’ve checked web sites and subscribed to running magazines, but their products reviews are often written from the perspective of an elite, experienced runner. Uhm, that’s not me. That’s not even close to me. How can I know if their review would match my experience? How can I know if they’re being paid for that glowing review?

If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself! I decided to begin blogging about products I’ve purchased primarily at expos to help other runners.

I do not receive free items, discounts, or financial compensation for any review unless I specifically mention it. For example, I tasted a free sample square of the Power Crunch protein bars at an expo. I then purchased my own boxes of the product for the review.

My background:Me 2

I took up running in order to run in the inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA in 2012. I run with several friends, although we usually train separately. I’m currently a size 16, but I’ve been as large as a size 20. Believe me when I say those extra digits make a huge difference in my experience with products. Most reviews of running products really do not reflect the experience of larger framed runners. I run three times a week, for as little as 2 miles or as long as 8 depending on my current training plan.


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